The Third District is known as the southwest side of Chicago. Whether it’s Garfield Ridge, LaGrange, Lemont, Lockport, Romeoville, Summit, or any of the other towns and villages represented, they all have one thing in common – hard-working people with strong family traditions and values.

I’m running for Congress because I’m tired of politicians lying to the public. They promise anything to help them get them elected and then they follow their own agenda, staying in office way too long. We need to move this country forward while keeping the alive the spirit that made this country great: work hard and keep the government out of your pocket to achieve the American Dream. Our government’s job is to keep our citizens safe and eliminate barriers to achieving that American Dream.

The Third District has been home to many faiths and cultures and has been a model for our country to show others how we all can work, socialize and move forward together. We need to continue to be the District that others look to emulate.

My number one goal will be to fight to reduce your tax burden while making sure the Third District gets its fair share of Federal dollars for infrastructure, transportation, and economic initiatives so all our children and grandchildren have even more opportunities to succeed than I did.

The Third District needs a proven leader – someone who is more concerned about the future of our children rather than getting elected every two years.

We need to increase our educational opportunities and job skills training.

We need to protect and provide for our seniors.

We must guarantee that our veterans always have the best care and benefits.

And I believe the best way to help the Third District and our country prosper is to reduce our reliance on the government, reduce the individuals’ tax burden, and help the hard-working people of the Third District with a hand up; not a hand out.